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Is dancing your passion? Are you looking forward to learn how to dance hip hop style? If your answer is yes, then you have landed at the right place. Yes! In this free Hip Hop dance guide, we will teach you how you can learn to dance hip hop style step by step. Hip hop is pretty much an intense dance that helps in building balance, a great figure and strong muscles. In this type of dance, there are different combination’s that are broken down in counts and each count is then broken down into different movements and finally all those movements and counts are assembled and a dance is formed.

So now when you know what a hip hop combination dance is, here are few points to ponder and you are on your way to start dancing hip hop.

Warming up: Just like you do before you work out in a gym, its equally essential to warm up before you start dancing because just like doing an exercise in gym, dancing is also kind of a workout in which majority of our body muscles get involved

Developing the right frame of mind: Since dancing is the activity that needs both, mental as well as physical participation, right knowledge can only be attained with focus and willingness to learn how to dance. It is of utmost importance to concentrate on the steps to be followed since lack of concentration can lead to learning incorrect movements.

Experimenting with the moves: It is very much important for a newbie to think creatively while learning dance steps. Although there are steps that are already predefined for the kind of dance you want to perform, but there is always some space for adding a new flavor to the already existing moves and its always good to think of new creative moves that can be mingled with the existing ones.

Dancing with Passion: It is observed that many novices often start learning to dance with no expressions on their face which makes the complete event very boring and flavorless. It is vital to live the dance to the fullest, to completely get involved leaving all the tensions and worries behind because the more you get involved in the dance, the more you feel confident and that confidence ultimately reflects on your face bringing lively expressions resulting in fabulous performance.

Practice makes perfect: Practice is always the best teacher. You can achieve perfection only if you practice, practice and practice because practice makes you identify your flaws and helps you overcome those.

So if you are looking forward to learn how to dance hip hop flawlessly in style, follow the above mentioned guidelines and you are on the right track to become a fabulous hip hop dancer.

Jitendra Gidwani is a passionate hip hop dancer and avid freestyle and salsa dance teacher. He has been involved since years in creating several mini courses and free dance guides for the aspiring dancers wanting to dance passionately and flawlessly in style. How to Dance is one of the free guides created by him unlocking secrets of an effective hip hop dance.

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